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How Yukari met Ran
How Ran became Yukari's Shikigami
How Ran became Yukari's shikigami is a mistery. No one knows and no one asked, though they often makes note of the fact Ran has no real memory of her parents. However, the reason was quite simply because Ran was abandoned by her parents in Yukari's garden. She was sick, frail, and decently small so her parents found it fit to abandon her nor did they bother to give her a name.
Yukari, at the time, lived in a large house, on the border of Gensokyo, and was decently lonely, very much aside from the fact she wanted to tell someone what to do. She had no little ones of her own nor did she have anyone or anything to love or for anyone to love her.
On the night she met Ran, she heard the infant's cries and went out into her garden to investigate. She followed the cries to a basket that had the screaming infant. Upon further inspection, she was immediately appalled by what she found, a baby in a basket with small piece of cloth to keep her warm, and wonder wh
:iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 13 5
Fanfiction: Goodbye Chen
Goodbye Chen
(Inspired by, dedicated  and all the thanks goes out to yours truly, takuyarawr)
Some time, after a battle, Ran and Chen found that Yukari's health had declined and that she fell ill. Despite how weak she was becoming, she tried not to pay any attention to it and was enjoying her life. As her illness worsened, doctors treated her with the best treatment they could offer but, however, it did more damage to her body than it did repair. Knowing fate was being merciful and hostile to her, she didn't know how to break the news to Ran and Chen, so she told Reimu and asked for her to give them her parasol.
When Reimu broke the news to the shikigami, they were in utter disbelief and were immediately grief-stricken. "I'm sorry, Ran, Chen, she didn't know she could tell you herself, so she told me to tell you and she wanted you to have this." Reimu said, handing them the pink lace parasol Yukari loved so dearly. A few days later, Yukari fell into a coma and died in her sle
:iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 19 30
Touhou MAMA
Five years ago, on a blistering cold winter, the current Hakurei shrine who was pregnant, went traveling through the Great Youkai Forest when a blizzard struck. She had never returned. After living five years living in the Great Yokai Forest, a feral child by the name of Reimu was found. Nevertheless, it left the question as to how she survived all those years alone. It was believed to cope with her situation, she invented an imaginary guardian, a guardian she would call, "Mama."
Once Reimu was returned to her family, someone recognizing her as being apart of the Hakurei clan, strange things started to happen. By night, Reimu would play with an unknown presence and would wander into the forest, giving into her feral instincts, trying to follow this presence, but never succeeding. It seemed that attempts to civilize her were futile and she only learned a few words but could not put them into well worded sentences. After awhile, it became apparent that something wanted this child back wi
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